Real Estate Appraisals for Oahu, Hawaii

Benedicktus & Associates is a full service provider of real estate appraisals and business valuation services. We are happy to provide our services to the people of Oahu and to all other islands of the State of Hawaii.

We take great pride in our experience appraising property on the island of Oahu. We offer a fast turnaround time that conveniently meets the appraisal timing needs for Oahu property owners, buyers and lenders.

We understand the Oahu real estate market.

Real estate industry professional and the trusted advisors of Oahu turn to Benedicktus & Associates for appraisals when buying, selling, or valuing property in Hawaii. Just a few reasons smart islanders choose us for Oahu real estate appraisals are:

Our mission sustains excellence and quality for Hawaii.

As kamaʻāina, our mission is to provide reliable real estate appraisal services to the Hawaiian islands and take action to improve the quality of life in communities throughout Hawaii. We raise the quality of appraiser professionals through our apprenticeship training program while maintaining profitable operations.

Experience matters.

With more than 25 years of experience as a staff appraiser and an independent appraiser, founder Ray L. Benedicktus has worked on multi-million dollar projects in the US Mainland, Hawaii and Okinawa. He has experience in dealing in contract management, inspection, project management and real estate appraisal. Benedicktus is one of the most respected real estate appraisers serving the island of Oahu.
Real Estate Values on Oahu

Oahu in Hawaii's History

Oahu, known as ‘The Gathering Place,’ is the third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is home to roughly one million people—about two-thirds of the population of Hawaii.

The island has been inhabited since at least 3rd century A.D.[6]. In 1783, Kahekili II, King of Maui, conquered Oʻahu and deposed the reigning family and then made his son, Kalanikūpule, king of Oʻahu. Kamehameha the Great would later conquer Oahu from Kalanikūpule’s in the Battle of Nuʻuanu. Kamehameha founded the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi with the conquest of Oʻahu in 1795. Kamehameha III moved his capital from Lāhainā, Maui to Honolulu, Oʻahu in 1845. ʻIolani Palace, built later by other members of the royal family, is still standing, and is the only royal palace on American soil.

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